Reflections @Geneseo

Posted: April 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’m visiting the college and realizing how much the world & the college has changed in 10 years. Is it exclusively the world or exclusively the college? I think that technology is the driving factor but what’s surprising is not how the technology has changed because we are not quite at the level of Star Trek but how much the people have changed because of it. Are we as humans socially less better off as mammals in a natural world due to our mental reliance & devotion to technology in our relation to one another? I remember as a freshman thinking about my father who graduated in the 70s and Geneseo was a place I hoped to really expose the elements of the past still lingering. Now we historically chronicle everything digitally to the point we have more information than we really find the necessity to make good use of. I think about the 50 years of history or my favorite part the 60s & 70s maybe the 80s that came before me & it’s hard to find any relevance aside from pop culture in the history & way of life that seems so close in time but so disconnected from the present. I often get sad when I think of ancient history & centuries & decades of time that seems thanks to technology quite meaningless to society as a whole. There are surely links to the past in foreign policy, geography, and the arts. I think to be honest that people in the world today do not live in a world connected to the past. As if the dinosaurs were not connected to human history so it is also true to me that human history is not connected to the modern digital age where being human is futile, minuscule, and hardly enough to be given infinite life inside a computer network. Maybe these all depend on humans now but maybe we don’t really depend on technology as much as we think. Maybe we only need air, water, food, shelter, and man & woman together. Before we become something less human than we are now we should become more like the animals we have always been.


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