American Native

Posted: April 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

For Thanksgiving I would like the world to be less driven by greed & global corporate consumerism & industrialization. I want the urbanization of Rockland to slow down & the eco-footprint human’s leave on the food chain & biosphere to be healthier. I want the world to de-militarize starting with America & Americans to respect the lives of murdered innocent kids & teenagers & adolescents from lack of common sense gun safety. I want kids to be happy & learn about the natural world & natural history outside & be active in the community by speaking out. I would like for a libertarian style of governing to replace red vs. blue corruption stagnation & weakness in our role as a world leader. I am anti-conservatism & anti-liberalism; because I never made a decision based on approval rather than common sense which I believe all our issues are. I would really like our country to stop being so uptight & helpless. At the same time I would like our culture to stop embracing perverted ideologies & idolizing the most terribly disgusting human beings that we worship like regular down to earth over-achievers are not good enough. I really see a big gender warfare going on in society, I see racial myths being broken down & new ones being established. All in all I see more or less of the same story everyday and there’s no spark, creativity, originality, romance, and we are not embracing human character or accomplishments instead the only thing we have embraced in the past 5 years is America’s alternative sexuality in the niche subversive outskirts of pop-culture and turned it into our national philosophy. We have no personification of our nations troubles & triumphs because expression is stifled by the over concentration of sex in the entertainment industry and the diluting of talents & messages for a mass audience that stimulates the sex organs but not the heart & soul. Symbolization of our lost identity in America can be seen in the lack of bonding between peers, the rise of introversion & insecurity, a lack of morals & values at all ages, a conflict with three major religions, a doomsday philosophy, and economic collapse around the world. Everyone that’s a real man in this world knows if you’re not getting paid you are not getting laid unless you are dirt poor & you have 8 kids because you just like having babies therefore leading to over-population & more consumption of just about everything from air to water to food to land to resources. That’s what we do not have is a bailout of resources or a new watering hole & atmosphere.


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