Musically as a youth Rich Brown dabbled with trumpet/drums and the marching band, as well as small school performing acts like choir and plays where the recorder was also standard in elementary education highlighting the importance of funding the arts. After grade school concentrating mostly on sports like hockey growing up, a great appreciation of music was sidelined. Greatly moved by artists like Bob Marley very early in childhood and a tremendous influence by Sublime were both instrumental in a passion for reggae, dub, punk, early hip-hop rock mixture roots, and deep subliminal lyricism. It was not up until the also tragic death of Detroit native and “hip-hop mayor,” Big Proof, that inspiration heightened a sense of musical purpose for Rich Brown as an emcee. Passion for the art of vocals/lyricism, free-form music genre blending, and the shattered sound displaced by Bradley Nowell’s passing were the primary focus’. Both artists’ equally under-rated influence on music; forces me to challenge myself as a person with an ever increasing appreciation to the stereotypical life of a singer-songwriter/performer and the realities of anyone that is a part of hip-hop/rap culture. As a rapper and emcee early inspiration arose from Jay-Z, the Lox, and Dipset. Eminem also attributed to a musical sense of awing bewilderment and confusion during the golden age of generation-[x] American youths; and his introduction presented the variety of a constant comedy that may have hidden a deeper common root of insubordinate, disrespectful and or ridiculous poetic expression that would not be catalyzed until Rich Breezy’s commencement with hip-hop many years later. Not alone in an “Eat, sleep, shit, breathe, attitude towards music;” so frequent with Hip-Hop’ers & RocknRolla’s alike as it spans beyond the borders and limitations of music to the influential power and control it possesses over history, peoples livelihoods, and characters. Constantly in an effort to run a continuous high velocity mercurial path towards those who enjoy making hip-hop or any music together freely as peers and always push artists’ will to branch out and maybe even go out on a limb just to maybe so happen to kick it and share a moment on the mic even if it’s just for fun.


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