Look at me, here I am on a stage
My emotions the inverse of fear and rage
What you see is what you get
I’m gonna try not to let
you see that I’m trying not to forget
How to stand, how to breathe
How to act, how to bow
How to shock, how to please
Listening is key
Locked into a rhyme scheme
I want you to feel the words
Like you’re just learning how to read

Here I am subjected to an audience
The rhymes written all alone on a writing desk
Who is the character?
A real emcee?
As real as you, and real as me
Is that what you feel is how I’m supposed to be?
The supreme lyrically gifted poetic lifestream
Well music is the river and I as a fish
Swam upstream just trying to find water
That still supports life

/So much more than just a rapper I’m an artist of life, if my life was a movie you would go & see it twice, one thing about me is on the mic I’m nice but in real life I’m even more so caught up in the strife, world can cut you down like a knife, nevertheless I fight for what’s right!/
/walk around like Im made of glass, from failures of the past, now the painful reminders in the present, nerves of steel, bitter taste of resentment, still I sweat it all out while running on the pavement, life is short I’m just wondering where the time went/
/found my happiness in my tender old age of 26, always feel like I’m still missing out on all there is, my ego got bigger and my frame got big, 2 years without a cig, losing hair need a Whig/
/often present myself as a sinner of shame cursed with a face & a name but I can’t be anymore sane than I can be insane partly in fact due to my humble honesty in vain/
/got a heart somewhere high on a shelf collecting dust, I’m a machine do what I can if I must, it’s faith in something that drives my mind, but its the darkness in my eyes that makes me blind/ so I retrace my steps with the passing of time, but there’s nothing or nobody to call mine/


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