Earth is spinning, I’m still grinning, one up to my lord, five fingers on my sword, spirits is high, 3rd eye in the sky, my life is fly, til the day I die, el sol will rise, forever wise, like a child’s eyes, pure, I am no cure/ A sunny January day in NY hits hotta than a hard dis to yo momma, streets is dry like hindu kush, the air is toxic like dirty bush, in your mouth, I’m Dick, it’s the age of Obama, I got a spanish momma, girls wanna holla, cuz I make a crisp dolla, I’m rich in the streets, the sun gives me clarity, like 6 cents to charity, this ain’t no fuckin parody/ Frio mind will cloud your shine like a smoke screen, el Sol breaks through with a bright beam, a solar flare, incinerates your evil stare, even ashy legs seem to glare, sky is clear like Larry Bird, the balls are pumped, in your court, please retort, or just say word/ Bitches break in, kill your girl, a bloody corpse makes you hurl, your stomach swirls, Ah! Girls, you little child, bitch is wild, she wants dick, not one inch prick, you must be sick, like that bitch Ricky, Rick is tricky, just stay sharp, like White Cheddar cheese-itz, you better believe it’s, I pop like teen zits, call me da mac, dressed in black, Versace, playing bocci games, with sloppy dames, cold hard nipples making waves in the air I breathe, I’m so high, I freeze/ Still waiting for an answer, sucking smoke, more cancer, coughing on the bus, with a pole dancer, wanna ride & bust, I am the necromancer, dark and mysterious, I feel delirious, this bitch is serious, she’s got a bad habit, call me the hobbit, barefoot in the streets, not chilling on the beach.


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