Street life, beat life, holds you in suspension
makes you part of the tension, the scent none
that you wanna smell, the cents low
it’s an economic hell, where the have nots
clash with the flare, that they wear
to look like they’re enjoying being there

Just regular people not used to having much
they don’t seem phased by the dirt & the dust
they just do what they must to survive
it’s their life so happy to be American
while the rich folk eat shrimp & they sip
the same Heineken that the folks in the ghetto
enjoy so tastefully, the beer is concept you can understand racially

When the poor folk drink it’s to match their stereotypical demeanor
lack of respect cause they’re meaner, while the rich folk are cleaner
drinking and driving in a Beamer.

Seems like the system that keeps the money flowing in
never acknowledges the moment when it’s sin
but if it’s drugs that keep your money coming in
they point at what’s happening right in front of them
not taking responsibility for themselves, but blaming other men.

The rich white folk say we got a problem with the problem
that’s getting bigger because we got a problem
making our system get bigger & it’s all cause there’s no vigor
in my life and I need another drink of some liquor
or I might snap and say the word nigger
in my drunkenness to the black guy serving my dinner
and he will say im sorry sir i’m just a beginner
In the end it’s not the man who is the winner
but the honest guy who sees the face of a sinner
not a white man whose a poor tipper


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