Hugs, Drugs, and Lugz
Give them the boot!
My first drug was epinephrine
Straight up the ass
Since then I be Chiefin til I pass
I swallow Marinol until I got smoke in my gas
Burp chronic smoke
Then I shit happy grass
I’m a depressed mess
Who steals reggy ses
Til I got Jamaicans stabbing through
My bullet proof vest
My water bongs’ a shade of forest green
That’s deeper than the holes of a NYCity drug fiend
I’m pressing my morphine drip mean
Still trying to get my damn hookah clean
Scheming rookies out of dough to pay their bookies
That bad bookie hooked me up with Key’s quicker than tricking your ass took me
They say heroin overdose death is really a blast
Too bad your ultra hot sun high was really your last
Now the sun has a stain on its past

Tonight I said I smoked my last cigarette
My first one was my first regret
My spirit thrives no cigarette can threat.
Tonight I said I smoked my last stogie
If you offer me one I’ll just say blow me
If you blow me, it will not stop me
Tonight I said I smoked my last bogie
All the carcinogens I’ve smoked are below me
I will no longer bust down below me
To enjoy your suicide stick
Is to lay another brittle brick
The quicksand foundation is sinking, quick
How can I lay strong on a brittle brick?
That’s like fucking loose with a softer dick
Of course I’m still going to flick my BiC
But it will be I that’s the larger prick
For I am the one that made you sick
Tonight I said I smoked my last stogie
I’d rather witness real rocket fuel than pretend I want to die fast
To the cancer that remains I’ll write off my Last! Stogie

I will write my blues away
I will drag the boys out to play
I will drive this heartache out this day
When you spoke to me that night
To the darkness I will have blasted light
I’ll shine on nothing so it’s always bright
On the piano keys I’ll shine like Ray
Feeling like a sax I will play like Bill
Fading to pale I’m willing to wail
Its ok it’s a little non-sense
When I whistle after I’m tense
Because I’ve sold my soul for your cents of sense
The emotions I feel hint my notions are real
Read between the lines of our similar minds
My blues are sweet oranges with throat choking rinds
Swimming away in the vast sea of blues
Words for the feelings I must try to muse
Shades of blues this was a light cruise

For every ounce of pain I’ve domed to the brain
Train splattered cellular blood stain
Green fire burnt you aren’t cooling with rain
Repetition of errors and terrors
We reflect on guilt in the mirrors
Our white light splits a shade of yellow in the burnt rain
Barter and trade for 10 minutes of fade
Coasting through pleasure trees in the mind glades
A fade I’ve made I’ve played myself with my own Spades
A fatal night for the eye
The trees hit the leaves they die
Color dead to the ground they fly
Dying on the grass
Flying on the zaz
Flaming dreams burnt up the ass
The cold hard stone you’ll never pass
Cold Hard Stoned

To tomorrows awakening I rest and pray
For the mornings hours will be today
Early or late I could not say
Will to rest sleep away
Dreams will conjure and find a way
A way to fly a way to rise
A final way to see your eyes
Let me find you in my sky
Let this dream with you never die
Dreaming of life in days of youth
The images stored are living proof
Yet it’s gone vanished poof
Will it be you I am clutching when I rise?
It was you that was with me behind my eyes
Laying softly beneath the earth
Beautiful flowers and soot of hearth
A lasting moment a final thought
To the deepest desire of the love we sought
We knew it not it would end so soon
We stared eagerly at this night’s full moon
Believing the arrival of the mornings sunrise
Thinking not of our dark pale eyes
For our sleeping death we pray and weep
For our last dream together I pray for sleep

Your light will travel very far
Farther than the nearest star
A beacon of hope from wherever you are
The love emitted will be a wave
To lift the souls of the stars you save
Reaching deep into the hearts of the brave
Sharper pain will never penetrate
Out of the ashes above the hate
Windows to life we soar defenestrate
A flicker of light, do not let me down
May you be burning bright this come around
Revolving moments will be your sound
Beauty brightest deep inside
Energetic core the twinkling guide
To the flowery eyes peaceful and wide
Blasting rays of love and light
Lit are the minds of sparks and flight
See the Love of the Stars in sight


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