Die with the Spirits Exclusive Demo

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Who the bleep* is Jay Shwaz

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“Racism is so profound a philosophical force it exceeds the act of prejudice itself & exists as a human characteristic of the social dilemma inherent in ethnic diversity.” – Richard Brown


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[“Inspiration is a terrapin heart-beat & station line smoke stream away, all else is eternal hell or imagery’s static bliss of illusion.”
“I got the home, less the names, the homey B.Lee’s to blame I be homing in, it’s homey & em’, a hum a hymn, a homonym of hopping him, too hip for them.”
“Hip-Hop up in my Helicopter, I’m getting Heli-head.”]
[/”Yes, I think about Ho’s every morning like I think about Donut Holes./ I got blood deep in my souls and I got love deep in my flows/ check it.”]
[/1-2-3-4- Five Alive Schiz/ 7-8-9 pick up sticks, cheese ritz & me Rich let’s get blitz watch the game with my brizz./]
[/I’m cruising in my mind, eyes closed with the finger on the time/ got my palm on the wheel, fingers back for the feel/ you, baby on my mind, like memories rewinding the tape attracts your scent on the reel./ Yeah 1-2 1-2 kick it fool/ Green Go-Go’s/ I palm this girl, like I palm the world/ put my number in the cell, I’m cooking new wonders with this love, call me Robin Williams/ twas, such a thunder, Power hour turbo mind set/ I blink with the response of a diesel machine/ I lift my legs, cruise in control/ I turn it up on the stereo/ kick back and just lean./]
[/Lyrically, I’m crinkly, like Kris Kringle, tinsel, tambourine, epiphany/ I am the paper rapper/ licorice gold mine, in a Mt.Dew t-shirt/ & vocally, the electric trick lighter/ electric bug, you out, fly boy style jacker/ zipper zapper/ you can’t touch my spit, with a cough drop! & a virus hacker.1/]
[Fucking this check, I’m a break yer neck, you see this pages of word flow like I flip through books of cash like magicians move the deck, im looking for 3 piece suit money gimme all your bread, lemme sell out the farm and buy you land in long island’s end, I got super fucking flow, super gas to blow, and super turf to grown, you fucking w/ me is like mushrooms fucking with super mario, I break into life and I tare it apart, I mixed it together and I give it a jump start, I paint the picture you can’t even see until I spin it, you look at me and say holy shit is this guy even kidding, I always got the most ridiculous shit you ever dreamed to be in, you waste your time with average brackets when the rookie of the year is right here men, I got the spec you can’t deny, the heart to fuel the fire, im light enough to blind ya mind, quick and fast to tell the time, its like every fucking time you hear my shit you gotta press rewind, it settles somewhere deep inside your wind, and I crack bombs that reach past Fenway Park on the 4th of July… you wanna help a brother in need you speak to me, after I eat you eat then its all the world we gonna fucking feed, I aint playing games with stocks of pig, I’m talking seat me right there below tupac & big seat me right there between charles and mj’s kid, we gonna see who the fuck is the craziest shit there is, ima stink up your whole basement to attic of the crib, its green monster hella herbs and cheese so fresh ima need more baby back ribs… you know I need new fresh drawers to replace your bib, the world can kiss my ass, im the best that ever lived, I don’t care if your this or that and the one that did, im the truth can’t be challenged with a cig, ima drop bombs like Russia flipped their whig, im the darkest knight that ever tipped their lid, every shot is an ace im the American prince of 2017 and the millennium so its said… I say gimme a brand new jet & some rocket wraps to fuel my head, I want a bald point pen a bald shaved hen, I’m a fuck the game with ink blacker than blood that dried to red, I want the best of the best underneath my breath, I’m the one the greatest rapper that didn’t do it by bringing you to your death, im the rapper that’s gonna do it by leaving you left, left the building, left nothing on the field, and the winner goes straight on to the top all loser stay to the left…]
[…just stay to the left.
I’m the new Vice President
Mr.NoNovice Mr.NotNice
Mr.KnottyIce Mr.FukmeTwice
I’m not Just-Ice, I’m just too nice.]

Don’t Approach Me

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When I’m approaching the mic I make a sorta like damn fucking dyke with spikes for the fucking damn words that I use to hold up your style making it mine for a while as I beguile the pile and build it like a revival of words that I use to purge the wounds of the weak and reach out to the meek for the decency of humility and stability with my wordplay ability its all reality in my mind right? The innocent repent for feelings they’ve kept but never wept it was all an institution but no bloody revolution it was execution of government in the right kinda stubbornness that made it alright to leak my rap bully shit as I leak over these rhymes a million times its a freedom to declare that government was the reason we failed and the hypocrisy prevailed as they Nailed Sarah Palin and became just like Stalin its no lemongrass its kick your ass I got to totally erase your existence from the hourglass and I said kiss my ass with my taxes guns knives and samurai swords I unload these liquid hoards like canisters of whip ass and rhino horns as I begin to swarm like I’m capable of inflicting harm my rhymes escape me like you try to fake me and chase me and never erase me I’m so alchy. 


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 It’s difficult times When you’ve got predictable rhymes

All these despicable minds

Attempt to fulfill my demise 

I doubt it’s me they despise

It’s a reflection of self in disguise

The deception lies in the eyes

If to see is to believe

I’m legendary 

These hoes are secondary

Every single one of them, temporary 

I have to keep updating my secretary

Because they’re never more than a blurred memory

I suppose it’s hereditary 

I never take it slow or steady

I gamble to leave wealthy

I usually leave with pockets hefty

Virgins Alike

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I’m not a vigilante, not a criminal, but I’m also not a coward. I’m not a martyr. I’m not the most powerful or the most popular but I am a somebody. I spent most of my life severely frustrated, now I just feel overwhelmed most of the time by the seemingly sheer hopelessness of it all. I make promises I don’t keep. I act aloof & ignore my true feelings because I’m scared of the monster I might have growing in me as I’m tormented by these demons. Yet synchronicity would label me an enduring survivor committed to pacifism, learning from my elders & adolescents, firmly rooted in my foundation, scared to test the waters I know all too well. I crave a sense of accomplishment but feel mistakenly overlooked. Pressed for time I continue to waste it. If only I could heal myself by myself I would have, but I’ve accepted that I cannot do this. Instead I inch closer to my ambitions as people question my motives and sense my potential. I refuse to become wasted talent and possess all the courage I could possibly need. My weakness is my fragility and the realization of mortality in a dangerous environment where every choice has a consequence. I must choose to act or choose to fail. I must choose life. I was taught “If I can, I must. If I must, I will.” The world doesn’t rest on my shoulders but my head does and to release my spirit from this prison is what I will fight for. My words are weapons and my enemy shall be my mistress as my friends shall become the victims I will rescue from a fate worse than my past. Uncovering the truth is first and destroying the fake is final. My purpose is paranormal and my proof is my power. Let the Earth be my canvas, my battlefield, my monument. To the victor go the spoils of virgins alike.

Said the Shotgun To the Head

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Old School Vibing Chemistry

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Innovators & Entrepreneurs #HELPWANTED

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I want to create a website with other people to compete with Facebook and be more socially progressive and less anti-social. The first mission of a better website will be connecting people in “real-life” through “real-connections” without invading their privacy or exploiting their freedom to control their socializing experience. To be free to connect in private in a way that stimulates the human communication experience. My website would not leave folks stranded in an internet netherworld but instead really focus on networking in an original dynamic fashion that is personal and less of a nationalized global political agenda or data collection scheme. Personality, expression, and personable bonding is our hierarchy. Even if we charged money to use this website it will be at the desire of users to participate and it will be both aesthetically pleasing & affectionately nurturing to human relationships. It will stimulate the economic growth of society from our common goals, utilized ideas, and incorporation of existing tools from around the internet especially through the use of blogs. This website will be underground but more sleek & tech savvy than craigslist as well as more safe and reliable than Facebook’s security & privacy.

The Anti-Social Network (Facebook)

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If Facebook the website was more like it was in the past would it make people happier? I think Facebook started as a way for people in small communities to keep connected over large distances within their circle(s). Nowadays Facebook is nothing like what it used to be. Facebook owns Instagram. Both are international websites. Funny its hard to make friends with international people, because America is “not to be watched” and “we are not to associate with foreign countries” through interaction. Yet, Facebook is indeed very personal in the homefront as well. Its hard to even find your next door neighbor the girl next door on Facebook. You can no longer browse for friends. Searching for individuals is possible but browsing for friends based on your high school or college graduating class is no longer possible on the website as it is. Facebook privacy is geared towards micromanaging the different things you wish to hide from certain people and only share with a select crowd within your friends or to the public. This website is not designed very well and any web designer could tell you that. Its as if the stone age and a very anti-social future have collided and all you have is a weird tetris like game of spin the bottle meets, meet the spin room. Facebook does not facilitate dating, jobs, or local interaction. It is more likely that I will be exposed to hundreds of suggested friends that I have never met than to be suggested to people I would know based on my age, schools, location, and previous locations or jobs. In fact Facebook is more like an investigative tool than anything else from the eyes of “big brother” that is designed to pull information that isn’t really available to the open public unless you sit down and have a conversation asking direct questions to people. Facebook grooms social interaction with an algorhthym. This code has certain pretenses like consumerism, idealism, race, national security, and most importantly power to keep people under control by the government. This website makes people vulnerable by asking for their address, private life-events, phone number, credit card. The website associates you by your closest relationships with others and analyzes that data to see the different webs of interest that are common with each and every person you know and whom they know. Instant messaging on Facebook is a permanently accessible conversation that spans many years and many different private subjects with many different people all together linking each and every one of its users together. Once a conversation happens it stays there forever in your inbox and most people do not even know they have a separate inbox for non-friends that message them. Everyone on Facebook has pictures that are automatically analyzed by software to recognize and identify peoples faces and associate them with a profile and name. Facebook today is more of a communication and social global positioning system of calendar events, speech, and expression of images, sounds, videos, and real-time current events and locations of people’s private whereabouts and private lives. It is the primary form of communicating with co-workers, friends, and family. It is not really universal in the sense that it does not have one “modus operendus” or correct way of using this site as in the “always do’s and never do not’s”. Everyone uses this site differently for their own purpose, how they use it, and how the site uses them is very different from person to person. It seems as if life would not be possible to exist without Facebook. That is not true. In fact it is time for America to get off Facebook once and for all. It is time for not one or two or three websites to rule the world like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It is time for America to lose the website altogether. It is time for technology to make a clean quick jump into the rest of the 21st century. I intend to be a part of this jump into the future of innovation with my own company that will be one of many to begin to phase out social networking and create something better, something that doesn’t exist, something Steve Jobs wishes he thought of before Rich Brown. I want to make Bill Gates proud. I want the computer to be fun. I want life to be fun and computers to be merely just a tool like a hammer or screwgun that has less to do with making friends or living your life than a dishwasher or an air compressor does. I want people to be individuals. Facebook is not an individual. The website is a corporate entity and it is a fixture in your mental space and social world. It is a fixture that no longer is necessary. Facebook is more obsolete than a television with a cathode ray. The children of tomorrow are not going to lead healthy lives, and by living healthy lives they will not change the world and make it a better place, if they cannot live life to the fullest. In order to live life to the fullest you need to be in control of your own destiny. You need to unite with people, the same way they will unite with you, in protecting what is important to all human beings and has always been for centuries long before the internet even existed. Privacy, freedom of choice, and reliance on human beings; not reliance on machines. I sound like John Connor from Terminator but its very true. It is an inarguable fact that this website is destroying culture. I will try my best to create something that will be an extension of your life not an extension of your “Facebook”. Everyone we now know and love is merely an extension of our “Facebook” not our hearts & souls and country.