The sky is a burnt orange as I skate down horror ridge for the usual night was lit up I see the light.
Whatever it takes my flow might pause it might break but words are the energy that travel in waves. It don’t stop as I shake my mind can spew but it can’t be late.
I want to feel the experience the way you all perceive it so I try to step outside myself and search for how to be near it. Somehow I grow quiet as I try to hear it the message the vibe I wanna know was it real was it live.
This is the beauty of a freestyle when the mic is in your hands. You look at the audience get the feeling they might be your fans. The ground tips sideways and slant ways but your legs remained pinned to the floor like a magnet always.
You jump and they flinch. They jump and you twitch. Everybody blinks as the DJ flips the switch. The voice in your throat reaches to your stomach and clenches its fist. You keep on breathing and screaming your spit. There’s a stitch that burns like the lighter to a cig.
Once you see the resonance of the power you feel the magic and it is like you have succeeded in reaching the miracle of blooming like a flower. After all this time you can finally show your colors & it doesn’t matter if everyone came with their sisters or there mothers.
One word one syllable one metaphor at a time. One rhyme one stretch of the phrase or intricate path you follow like a maze. It’s like an experiment of meaning & sound set fire ablaze. The heat & the light slowly disappear & the smoke fills the air.
The smell remains & the sweat and the ache in your gut the stun to your strut. No matter how much you give it’s never enough. Just fake a smile stand and look tough.
The crowd goes wild the speakers grow restless & you think man I’ll never forget this.
That’s what it’s like to do words.

Dog I’m just faded for real I’m jaded/
Halo gone I’m stuck can’t fake this/
Naked I step through the halls grenade pins/
Needles in my skin from the plaintiff/
I stretch & scream its what the pain did/
Feel my words as they dance from the get go/
You prolly just wanna sit back close your eyes try to let go/
The chilling vibes are a consequence of the flow/ In time you realize the music has gotten low/ lights a match & it burns on the floor/ the smoke rises & sucks under the door/ every sound in the house echoes a voice whispering No/ falling to your face your lips hang off your teeth/ unable to speak you reach for the pocket of your jeans/ as you dial the # operator please/ you tell them something’s wrong I’m having trouble trying to breathe/ the call is lost but you jump to your feet/ the beat of a drum pulses and it creeps/ next to your window there’s a sticker on a speaker and it reads/ if it’s too loud for your ears then grab your head and squeeze/ so you clench your fists & you smash the window in a raging panic/ you cut yourself climbing through the glass as it tears the fabric/ Racing to your fence you grasp the handle & un-latch it/ there’s a car on the road running you try to catch it/ but sparks fly around it/ becoming a blaze of fire it burns your jacket/ disappearing before your eyes you can’t imagine/ then an empty silence as if the street became a vacuum/ falling once again the sky is black above you like a lattice suture/ your body bleeds onto the pavement/ as you gasp for the words/ back to the future…

If I was to be a written, it would be on you that I was shittin,
you act like you’re the bitch that gave me stress, the type I was under-wenting, I am under-venting, I should go over the top of your dome like did a homie mention, that would be a bitch, to call out the game and take it back like since I never met him, where’s the proof now, that it ever even went down, like that bitch sucked my dick, but hey it’s limp now, when your neck hung down, the head was a weight, the smile became a frown, same goes for brown-town, realest man around, same type a dude to hold your pound, make you learn something, like I’m the master, I’ll teach you now, now care to listen, I always try my best to witness, keep an open mind, whatever you deliver, I will prolly press rewind, make sure I heard it straight, I may realize shortly after, my mind was running late, so much things to remember, others to forget, see it face to face, if that bitch would even let, lest, we take it to the next step, a tricky space to leave the message stretched across the net, catching feelings is like, trapping fish too fresh to get, too rare to bare, we too ill to spill, hardly down for whatever, but always up to give in never, how much tougher would it seem if it was dressed in leather, if the snow was dry, her pussy better wetter, like two lost lovers getting back together, two brothers separated by a war that weighed less than a feather, well you could say that forever was a bed her heart set a flame to scorch the tenor, now the sound echoes like a bird blown away by the weather, if this is just your message, send reply back to the sender.


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