An open letter to…

Posted: April 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

If you’re reading this letter it is because you are trying to learn something we both know is true. Much of my creative material is used by others of an anonymous group or person to their own advantage. Whether it is expressive material, my likeness-character, or intellectual property. Privacy is a respect issue and the arts & music are not bound to privacy anymore than Napster can be held liable for mp3 sharing. People get inspired, motivated, and improve upon other peoples work all the time. It is somewhat a slap in the face when people use your creativity for their own monetary gain but don’t show respect, acknowledgment, or give either tribute or credit to where that came from originally even if its only partially borrowed or partially re-inspired by myself, Richard Brown.

Another thing I would like to address is control. I am totally aware of how control of information vs. the freedom of information affects my daily life and implicates me in 3rd party sharing. I have only had problems with my personal material & property being directly stolen, damaged, or violated in such a way that actually affects me personally in very few & seldom occassions in the past decade. I cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that such infringments are always genuine but I am perfectly aware of the dozens upon dozens of instances in which my artistic creativity has been used to the benefit of someone other than myself.

Lastly, the control factor in which prohibiting restrictions have been placed against me in the more recent present is not a mystery that went unnoticed by myself in regards to what sources of information and connections have been blocked from my access. I am able to sense when certain invisible barriers are present and I am capable of reeling in the freedom of social networking and self-education when those, subtle yet recognizable, and “neither confirmed nor denied” penalizations, restrictions, prohibitions are dismissed & revoked finally giving great breaths of new capability and awareness in their wake. I prefer them not present and liberty to communicate unrestricted; right to free speech granted. I like being able to have freedom of information myself most of all.

Thank you to whom it might concern,

– Richard Brown


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