Lies won’t set you free.

Posted: February 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

A lie is the opposite of the truth. If you don’t know the truth you can’t be sure if you’re telling a lie. If you are telling the truth so far as you know then it is not a lie. A white lie is a different subject but that is a lie intended to drag the truth from an unsuspecting victim by purposely creating a lie disguised as a truthful statement but full of holes that can later be creatively filled so as to pull more truth from a person in question or person asking a question. A lie you tell yourself to deny the truth is not a good thing. Honestly sometimes the world wants you to believe lies about yourself so it feels like you are fighting the truth but you are actually believing in the truth when others tell you that you are lying to yourself. If you tell the truth a lot then people will trust you and the people that you trust and love will know when you lie. If you lie frequently then people will not always be able to determine if what you said is another lie or fib or exaggerated story with some fiction or if it is the truth. A person who omits from telling the truth is also lying by saying they do not know the truth. Rarely a truth cannot be quite fully ascertained due to questionable, mysterious, or ambiguous unsolved realms between what is true and what truth really means. That is rare and most of the time the truth is so easy that it is simply the most obvious answer but that is either too unbelievable or too apparently obvious to accept. The closer in detail you focus on the truth the more likely you will not see the greater truth that is visible clearly by just taking a step back and looking at things from a different vantage point. Most truths are learned gradually in time and accepted. If you know the truth and someone desires it but you lie knowing they know the truth then you are a bad person I suppose but if you purposely tell a lie about someone to that person’s face knowing it is not true then you are definitely a bad person. I think that type of lying is worse than spreading lies about someone. Someone so completely resistant of accepting the truth that has firmly believed a lie as the truth is a sad person.


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