Lick The Rapper

Posted: June 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

“I ain’t a thug or a crook but I bet fools mistook me for a bitch, a snitch, some kinda patsy or fag, a junkie with an itch. That I’ll never be. If my name ain’t Rich. I’m just an artist emcee a white G from New City so I’m cut from a different cloth your classless rag can’t fuck with my swag especially when I’m dishing writtens in the booth like I’m serving your sweet tooth with the cake opposite of fake you’re so pathetic give yourself a break trying to call me collect from the county jail I’m too busy enjoying life while you’re hanging with jake, maybe you ended up found in a lake wrapped in plastic your situation was drastic but I’m past it maybe send some flowers to your mother at your wake, Rich Breezy the truth don’t confuse me for a fake maybe you’ll get it someday but no sign as of late. Damn I just look back at this sad story thinking I’m the star of this movie, and all the critics agreed that it’s great. I’m a hero not a villain I even saved the date so if you prefer death row we can just anticipate the wait. I will slay the serpent because I got the valor of a saint. I just really had to let go of all my hate, I won’t fail to be victorious, there’s just no fate but what we make.”


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