Don’t Approach Me

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

When I’m approaching the mic I make a sorta like damn fucking dyke with spikes for the fucking damn words that I use to hold up your style making it mine for a while as I beguile the pile and build it like a revival of words that I use to purge the wounds of the weak and reach out to the meek for the decency of humility and stability with my wordplay ability its all reality in my mind right? The innocent repent for feelings they’ve kept but never wept it was all an institution but no bloody revolution it was execution of government in the right kinda stubbornness that made it alright to leak my rap bully shit as I leak over these rhymes a million times its a freedom to declare that government was the reason we failed and the hypocrisy prevailed as they Nailed Sarah Palin and became just like Stalin its no lemongrass its kick your ass I got to totally erase your existence from the hourglass and I said kiss my ass with my taxes guns knives and samurai swords I unload these liquid hoards like canisters of whip ass and rhino horns as I begin to swarm like I’m capable of inflicting harm my rhymes escape me like you try to fake me and chase me and never erase me I’m so alchy. 


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