Virgins Alike

Posted: September 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’m not a vigilante, not a criminal, but I’m also not a coward. I’m not a martyr. I’m not the most powerful or the most popular but I am a somebody. I spent most of my life severely frustrated, now I just feel overwhelmed most of the time by the seemingly sheer hopelessness of it all. I make promises I don’t keep. I act aloof & ignore my true feelings because I’m scared of the monster I might have growing in me as I’m tormented by these demons. Yet synchronicity would label me an enduring survivor committed to pacifism, learning from my elders & adolescents, firmly rooted in my foundation, scared to test the waters I know all too well. I crave a sense of accomplishment but feel mistakenly overlooked. Pressed for time I continue to waste it. If only I could heal myself by myself I would have, but I’ve accepted that I cannot do this. Instead I inch closer to my ambitions as people question my motives and sense my potential. I refuse to become wasted talent and possess all the courage I could possibly need. My weakness is my fragility and the realization of mortality in a dangerous environment where every choice has a consequence. I must choose to act or choose to fail. I must choose life. I was taught “If I can, I must. If I must, I will.” The world doesn’t rest on my shoulders but my head does and to release my spirit from this prison is what I will fight for. My words are weapons and my enemy shall be my mistress as my friends shall become the victims I will rescue from a fate worse than my past. Uncovering the truth is first and destroying the fake is final. My purpose is paranormal and my proof is my power. Let the Earth be my canvas, my battlefield, my monument. To the victor go the spoils of virgins alike.


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