The Anti-Social Network (Facebook)

Posted: April 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

If Facebook the website was more like it was in the past would it make people happier? I think Facebook started as a way for people in small communities to keep connected over large distances within their circle(s). Nowadays Facebook is nothing like what it used to be. Facebook owns Instagram. Both are international websites. Funny its hard to make friends with international people, because America is “not to be watched” and “we are not to associate with foreign countries” through interaction. Yet, Facebook is indeed very personal in the homefront as well. Its hard to even find your next door neighbor the girl next door on Facebook. You can no longer browse for friends. Searching for individuals is possible but browsing for friends based on your high school or college graduating class is no longer possible on the website as it is. Facebook privacy is geared towards micromanaging the different things you wish to hide from certain people and only share with a select crowd within your friends or to the public. This website is not designed very well and any web designer could tell you that. Its as if the stone age and a very anti-social future have collided and all you have is a weird tetris like game of spin the bottle meets, meet the spin room. Facebook does not facilitate dating, jobs, or local interaction. It is more likely that I will be exposed to hundreds of suggested friends that I have never met than to be suggested to people I would know based on my age, schools, location, and previous locations or jobs. In fact Facebook is more like an investigative tool than anything else from the eyes of “big brother” that is designed to pull information that isn’t really available to the open public unless you sit down and have a conversation asking direct questions to people. Facebook grooms social interaction with an algorhthym. This code has certain pretenses like consumerism, idealism, race, national security, and most importantly power to keep people under control by the government. This website makes people vulnerable by asking for their address, private life-events, phone number, credit card. The website associates you by your closest relationships with others and analyzes that data to see the different webs of interest that are common with each and every person you know and whom they know. Instant messaging on Facebook is a permanently accessible conversation that spans many years and many different private subjects with many different people all together linking each and every one of its users together. Once a conversation happens it stays there forever in your inbox and most people do not even know they have a separate inbox for non-friends that message them. Everyone on Facebook has pictures that are automatically analyzed by software to recognize and identify peoples faces and associate them with a profile and name. Facebook today is more of a communication and social global positioning system of calendar events, speech, and expression of images, sounds, videos, and real-time current events and locations of people’s private whereabouts and private lives. It is the primary form of communicating with co-workers, friends, and family. It is not really universal in the sense that it does not have one “modus operendus” or correct way of using this site as in the “always do’s and never do not’s”. Everyone uses this site differently for their own purpose, how they use it, and how the site uses them is very different from person to person. It seems as if life would not be possible to exist without Facebook. That is not true. In fact it is time for America to get off Facebook once and for all. It is time for not one or two or three websites to rule the world like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It is time for America to lose the website altogether. It is time for technology to make a clean quick jump into the rest of the 21st century. I intend to be a part of this jump into the future of innovation with my own company that will be one of many to begin to phase out social networking and create something better, something that doesn’t exist, something Steve Jobs wishes he thought of before Rich Brown. I want to make Bill Gates proud. I want the computer to be fun. I want life to be fun and computers to be merely just a tool like a hammer or screwgun that has less to do with making friends or living your life than a dishwasher or an air compressor does. I want people to be individuals. Facebook is not an individual. The website is a corporate entity and it is a fixture in your mental space and social world. It is a fixture that no longer is necessary. Facebook is more obsolete than a television with a cathode ray. The children of tomorrow are not going to lead healthy lives, and by living healthy lives they will not change the world and make it a better place, if they cannot live life to the fullest. In order to live life to the fullest you need to be in control of your own destiny. You need to unite with people, the same way they will unite with you, in protecting what is important to all human beings and has always been for centuries long before the internet even existed. Privacy, freedom of choice, and reliance on human beings; not reliance on machines. I sound like John Connor from Terminator but its very true. It is an inarguable fact that this website is destroying culture. I will try my best to create something that will be an extension of your life not an extension of your “Facebook”. Everyone we now know and love is merely an extension of our “Facebook” not our hearts & souls and country.


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