Innovators & Entrepreneurs #HELPWANTED

Posted: April 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

I want to create a website with other people to compete with Facebook and be more socially progressive and less anti-social. The first mission of a better website will be connecting people in “real-life” through “real-connections” without invading their privacy or exploiting their freedom to control their socializing experience. To be free to connect in private in a way that stimulates the human communication experience. My website would not leave folks stranded in an internet netherworld but instead really focus on networking in an original dynamic fashion that is personal and less of a nationalized global political agenda or data collection scheme. Personality, expression, and personable bonding is our hierarchy. Even if we charged money to use this website it will be at the desire of users to participate and it will be both aesthetically pleasing & affectionately nurturing to human relationships. It will stimulate the economic growth of society from our common goals, utilized ideas, and incorporation of existing tools from around the internet especially through the use of blogs. This website will be underground but more sleek & tech savvy than craigslist as well as more safe and reliable than Facebook’s security & privacy.


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