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Shakedown Street

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A lie is the opposite of the truth. If you don’t know the truth you can’t be sure if you’re telling a lie. If you are telling the truth so far as you know then it is not a lie. A white lie is a different subject but that is a lie intended to drag the truth from an unsuspecting victim by purposely creating a lie disguised as a truthful statement but full of holes that can later be creatively filled so as to pull more truth from a person in question or person asking a question. A lie you tell yourself to deny the truth is not a good thing. Honestly sometimes the world wants you to believe lies about yourself so it feels like you are fighting the truth but you are actually believing in the truth when others tell you that you are lying to yourself. If you tell the truth a lot then people will trust you and the people that you trust and love will know when you lie. If you lie frequently then people will not always be able to determine if what you said is another lie or fib or exaggerated story with some fiction or if it is the truth. A person who omits from telling the truth is also lying by saying they do not know the truth. Rarely a truth cannot be quite fully ascertained due to questionable, mysterious, or ambiguous unsolved realms between what is true and what truth really means. That is rare and most of the time the truth is so easy that it is simply the most obvious answer but that is either too unbelievable or too apparently obvious to accept. The closer in detail you focus on the truth the more likely you will not see the greater truth that is visible clearly by just taking a step back and looking at things from a different vantage point. Most truths are learned gradually in time and accepted. If you know the truth and someone desires it but you lie knowing they know the truth then you are a bad person I suppose but if you purposely tell a lie about someone to that person’s face knowing it is not true then you are definitely a bad person. I think that type of lying is worse than spreading lies about someone. Someone so completely resistant of accepting the truth that has firmly believed a lie as the truth is a sad person. George Washington could not tell a lie. Did my parents ever really love one another? Does one really love their spouse after a break-up or just the sex? Are all women miserable after 50 years of age and do all men just want sex with as many beautiful partners (women) as they possibly can from the cradle to the grave? That’s not a question but an answer learned in time.

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“I have a hatred for words they can’t deliver the expressive connection they used to/can’t have a friend without feeling I used you/or ask a girl if she has a boyfriend without hearing I used to/all I do is tell you what I think not what I feel/honestly I’m too afraid of being real because money never gave me the confidence to do what I feel/seems like love isn’t real/like I can’t be real in a room full of fakeness/but it’s real to them so I feel ashamed by my lameness… You should feel honored that I graced this that I would even try to be great since I hate this… I know you don’t know what life is really worth it’s a shame bitch.” – breezy

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Like Black on White

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“I can kick it in a rap cypher, I can kick it at Rockefeller center, I can kick my shoes up on the coffee table at Westminster Abbey. People ask me if I’m 21. I’m almost 30 in better shape than 29 out of 30. You know I was born with expensive taste but regardless of race I learned in my youth how to walk in grace. I talk firm and polite constantly under attack I try to save face. I belong on the thrown where I rest my head with my crown in place.”

Funky Ass Shit

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“Hanging with Debra the debonair I’m a chocolate glazed vanilla eclair took Fred Astaire & Debra’s aunt the debutante Clair to see Cher and Boston creamed in her pants somewhere while Clair took care of Fred on the sofa chair.” — Netcee aka Cool A$$ Ni@@A

[Don't play that shit on the radio if it smells like Drakkard Noir or Tequila Rose & somebody call the White House get a hook from J-Zeitgeist]

The Pen

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¬°Escharotic escargot I leave your escrow ripped off like velcro it’s an ever fresh flow make it last dough ya’ll fucking fags blow like dro!



“Immune to your criticism but not your Munchousandt-ism, half committed against racism half victim of violence & prejudice schism, skating on the double edged sword, to double jeopardy on the double standard express towards prison that’s a prophecy I just can’t envision for a man of my wisdom.”

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You know I got to thinking about life. I think a lot about myself sometimes to make up for the fact I am so outgoing and radical but very lonely after my exciting adventures. I constantly strive to improve my relationship with God and I often act on my own instincts in ways that aren’t really anything more than acts of selfishness for attention even with my kind deeds & giving servicing attitude. Nobody owes me anything unless they think they can take advantage of me because we all owe each other the right to live peacefully. I sometimes take it upon myself to go to great lengths to make social change in hopes people will believe in me and pay it forward and choose me to be a leader with more power and responsibility. In life I often feel alone in this perspective like most people just revolve around their days and their days revolve around them but they have no choice in the way the world around them exists other than to accept it. I look at life like a bicycle race as a kid. I always wanted to ride fast enough to be the fastest rider. You are the leader. As a kid I might take the wrong path and all of a sudden I was in last place. Life to me is about finish lines. If you have no destination and no time restraint or competitors you’re just riding to get to where you’re going. Why? Why do anything or go anywhere? Most people do everything because it makes them feel good. I like to always feel good. When I start a challenge feeling good and perform well and feel good after the fact then I win and I will feel good for the next challenge I set for myself. If I lower my self esteem and doubt myself before I challenge myself I get a feeling of reward based on rising to a good level again. I often reflect as to why I choose this philosophy. The answer is so I never lose even if I do. I choose to not glorify glory. As a kid people would ask why I don’t celebrate when I score a goal. To me it was because it wasn’t good enough to score a goal. It had to be a nice goal, an important goal, or an earned goal. Many times I wouldn’t celebrate because I would think of my parents and scoring a goal wouldn’t change the fact they divorced and I live in separated families. Scoring a goal wouldn’t mean that girl I like would like me for who I was but she might think for a second just because I got some attention & small fame. Thinking back to the race course when you’re crossing the finish line in first place afterwards you coast and look back over your shoulder in accomplishment and you keep riding without a sense of purpose. I would think what should I do now that I won the race? Keep riding? As a kid I would race back to the starting line for the rematch and let kids get a head start at the mark get set go. That would confuse them and make them feel good to be ahead until I passed them. So to me finish lines became pointless but not having them was pointless too. I always liked speed but feared fast cars, motorcycles, and roller coasters. The rush and fast moving reflexes made me feel happy as a kid because I always thought, talked, and calculated things faster than others. When I first learned to ride a two wheeler the other kids made fun of me because I was scared to fall which I did a few times and was cut & bruised. I gave up sort of like when I first struggled to read at the same level of my peers in grade school. Then I read out loud in class more than anyone and with such articulation, focus, delivery, and speed when necessary. I even excelled at reading out loud in Spanish. So as a kid riding a two wheeler the other boys and girls all knew how to ride before I could. Then I finally learned. I remember riding 14 miles at less than 13 years old on a busy freeway to buy a waterproof watch with the money I earned. The digital watch lasted me 10 years and costed $40. Once riding my bike with my friend and his sister we saw a rainstorm approaching and we raced to get to safety. The rain caught up with us as we looked behind each other as one by one we each were caught by the falling rain. We were caught by the rain and soaked but we didn’t care and continued until the end of the road on the water and watched the rain go out across the bay. I could probably think of more amazing bicycle stories if I could think and remember all of them. I often visualized God as a man on a bicycle just minding his business, happy. The trick to bicycling is to not sit directly on your testicles. That’s not good for them.